Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day the seventhth

Personally I thought you were the least convincing female impressionist since Tarzan went through Jane's handbag and ate her lipstick, but I'm clearly in a minority.
G is for Goths.

I like Goths.  Way back when I did the night shift at the supermarket they were the one slice of colour in the shift, of course the irony of this was usually lost amongst their many piercings.  But as difficult as it may be to believe there are times when being decked out in gothic regalia isn't such a good thing and tonight dear listeners I present a cautionary tale of just one of those times.
I was in the city just minding my own business when I first saw them coming down the street. I'll just break from the narrative at this point to say that it was a stinking hot day and anyone with any sense was out of the midday sun. I would have been as well but you know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen, well you can add kiwis to that list as well.
Anyway the group of four were wearing so much black that I thought it was a quartet of ninja at first and then dismissed the idea as silly because what kind of ninja allows himself to be seen?

Magnificent was the only word to describe their leader. He was very tall and and his shoulder length hair made him look not unlike Slash of Guns and Roses fame.

On every finger he wore a ring but not just any ring would do. his finger ornamentation of choice were a 3 piece series of rings solely designed to give him heavy talons on his hands
 He wore tight black jeans and heavy boots that came up to his knees but the piece de resistance was a great coat which he had bought over the Internet from Ravenswood Leathers and for some reason he had it tightly buttoned up. [1]

Heads turned ladies and gentlemen. heads turned as he walked down the street on that boiling hot day and while nobody laughed outright I knew there were plenty of snigger's and he knew it too because that red face turned redder and redder as he concentrated on ignoring people and just being the best damn goth he could be.

I salute you unknown goth and call me if you ever want to sell that coat.

1: I knew where he'd gotten it from because I had spent a long time wanting it but being too gosh darn poor to buy it 


  1. I remember those had a couple of them back in the day. *embarrassed* Goths are kinda cool, I guess. Never was one, though.

    That coat is really cool though. I know a guy in California who wears one in the summer even. But, he also goes around in a kilt...sooo....