Monday, 25 April 2011

Dreaming of U

What on earth was I drinking last night? My head feels like there's a Frenchman living in it.

Todays post is U and U is for Unit [1] or more accuratly:

Unified Intelligence Taskforce. Or the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce as it was originally named.

Unit was established to give assistance to the doctor in his latest adventures against the Cybermen, Daleks or whoever the latest baddie was.  They didn't always understand the Doctors motives which led to the occasional friction between the two but in general they worked well togeter.
However, you've got to wonder at how it came to be formed in the first place. Presumably a letter was circulated through appropriate politicos and military types.
To whom it may concern,
                        As a Timelord from the planet Galifrey, Galactic Coordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0 center, constellation of Kasterborous.  I frequently find myself in dangerous situations often with the fate of your planet, the universe or, more rarely, reality itself at stake.  On these occasions I find that I am in need of assistance or specific equipment in order to prevail. 
As many of these encounters occur inside the various gravel quarries of your own country I would like to respectfully request the formation of a department from which I am able to requisition supplies and suitably photogenic assistants as required.

Please contact me from any police box in order to discuss this proposal.

I remain, yr obedient servant.
                   Who (Dr)

Now in what we laughingly continue to call “the real world” Any government department receiving this letter would quickly file it in the “What a loony” folder and forget all about it. [2]
But the government of the Whovian (?) universe saw the wisdom of such a department and gave the necessary orders. I am afraid that this proves they are better than us and we must hang our heads in shame [3]
  1. not Eunuch which should have been the word for E and accompanied by the ritual sniggering. 
  2. Right up until the time that the Daleks choose to invade that is.  I don't think he'd just stand by saying "I told you so" but he might be a bit smug about it, depending on which Doctor we're actually dealing with.
  3. Don't worry this is going to be a feint.  When their universe comes close to see if we're all right we'll let them have it!  Right in the Horsehead Nebula. That'll teach them to go round thinking they're better than us. 


  1. You are hereby dubbed the coolest person on the 'net.

  2. Thank you very much. But let us don our fancy hats and repair to Mrs Miggins for a hearty roistering!

  3. It'd be a lot better than sitting around here all day on our elbows! ;)