Monday, 4 April 2011

Day the Twoth

A small buzzing thing

B is for Books

It's a fairly obvious choice I know.  I could have mixed it up a little and done B is for Boron but then I would have had to do actual research and that's just boring. [1]

But anyway, on with the topic at hand:
I love reading and always have and always will, like many other people I have a list of favourite books but that isn't what I'm going to talk about.  The following list are books that are banned, yes, banned from my house.

  1. Butterfly: There's an exclusive brothel for women called butterfly and as you read it you think "oh this is just a sex book" but that is where you are oh so very wrong.  This is a tale of revenge! The twist floors me every time I read it.
  2. Ottoman by Alan Savage: The Hawkwood family arrive in Constantinople [2] and become firm favourites of the rulers  Quickly rising in popularity the book tracks four generations of the family as they undergo the pressures of life, love, politics, war, truth and betrayal.
  3. Lord of the Rings: I can't write anything about Tolkien that people haven't before.  Its great, he's great, go and read the books already!
  4.  The Godfather.  Mario Puzo:  I found the book in a second hand shop and bought it because it was $2 and I needed something to read while the parents drove the car.  I read the book everywhere and it led to mum and dad receiving a call from a school librarian who was rather concerned that I might get some ideas.
    "You mean he might want to write books?" Dad asked
    "No he might want to join a gang"
    "All right I'll talk to him" he hung up the phone and looked at me "do you want to join a gang?"
    "No way dad.  Gangs are for losers"
    "That's all right then"
    "I wanna join the mafia!"
Now you might be wondering exactly why it is, if I love these books so much, why are they banned from the house?  The simple answer is that it IS because I love these books so much.  I can not go past them without picking them up and reading them from cover to cover.

[1] Anyone who talks about Boron is legally obligated to make this pun.  
[2] Or perhaps Istanbul 


  1. Lord of the Rings is brilliant. :)

  2. All of those books are brilliant.

    I have a library in my home and a sort of "secret library" (i.e. a as well where I keep my own banned books. I'm in my library more than any other room in the home, and if I see the favorites (books such as Jane Austen's work, Star Wars trilogy, La Morte D'Arthur, or something "newer" like the Life of Pi..even though it's kinda old), I end up dropping everything for the day and read in a windowsill all day long. I just limit my time with the faves, instead of outright tossing them out.

    So yeah...banned books are a necessity.

    (And I ramble..)