Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Day the onethzeroth

Ha ! I laugh at danger and drop ice cubes down the vest of fear.

J is for Jim Henson

For those of you that don't know Jim Henson was the creator of The Muppets, he did films, songs, dances, television shows that are still shown around the world and available at stores [1] the world over.
I was introduced to them back when I was very young and it influenced me greatly.   If I were offered a job with the Jim Henson Company I'd take it instantly.

At first it was Sesame Street, the Muppet show and Fraggle Rock that I watched.  My young eyes entranced at the antics of the muppets and it didn't matter that you could see the wires that controlled Kermits arms.
 When I was older I found out about The Storyteller and The Jim Henson Hour.  Of course Labryinth and The Dark Crystal were required viewing at my house [2]  The jokes may be dated by todays standards but the sketches, songs and lessons to be learned [3] are timeless

For special bonus points Check out The Cube

Jim Henson died in 1990 and I still miss him.

J is also for J.R.R Tolkien
An author who really needs no introduction, Lord of the Rings, The Silmarilion, The Hobbit are all his and it's a large part of the rich fantasy work that we enjoy in our liturature today.
J is also for James Earl Jones
Whose comanding tones told Luke "No. I am your father" and everyone walked out and said "oh my god" [4] but before that he riddled Conan with the secret of steel [5]
J is also for Jimmy Hendrix
Without which the musical world would have been markedly different.   I'm not old enough to remember Hendrix live but he's still alot better than some of the insipid stuff we get told is music these days.
J is also for Joan of Arc
Who heard God but still got burned at the stake.
J is also for John Lennon
Who was one fourth of a group that nobodys ever heard of. He also spent a week in bed with Yoko as a form of protest
J is also for Judy Garland
Who was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz [6]

Bonus Mention: J is for Journey to the west
The continuing stoory of Monkey, Pigsy and the other one. Do not attempt to read it in one sitting.

  1. 1:and dodgy internet torrenting sites, not that I'd know anything about those 
  2. 2: Something that amazes me to this day is that amount of people who will give Dark Crystal a look and dismiss it as a kids film.  Aargh!
  3. 3: Mainly Sesame Street but the one thing I learned from Miss Piggy is that if someone does something you don't like then it's perfectly all right to karate chop them into little pieces of frog.
  4. 4: Yes, even the atheists 
  5. 5:and then had him crucified on the tree of woe but nobodys perfect
  6. 6: Come round for dinner and be subjected to Wizard of Oz and the Muppets.  And mum wonders why I don't have a girlfriend.


  1. You're my new hero.
    Seriously though, your "J" post is full of AWESOMENESS! And, I'm not just saying that as a huge Jim Henson (Muppets! Dark Crystal!), Star Wars, Tolkien, Hendrix, Lennon, Joan of Arc, and Wizard of Oz fan.

    And since you mentioned Hendrix, I'll mention what I tell everyone who does....check out his influence, Buddy Guy. He's awesome.

    (*will check out Journey to the West*)