Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day the oneth

Impersonal pronoun.  Doesn't really mean anything.

So I've been learning the art of swordplay with The Falcons[1]. Our local medieval group and if it weren't for my job taking up all my time I would be much better at it. My armor is slowly coming together with a Gambeson being my next purchase. The main problem I've found with actually getting the armor together is that despite everything I have yet to nail down a time period with which to base my costume on.
I have a 15th century Italian bastard sword[2] but every time I see a picture of someone back in the day and say "Right. that's the one!" I'll invariably see something a little later that makes me go "well damn I want to be one of them"

I will be buying my Gambeson my sewing skills are quite atrocious.

When I joined this group one thing I noticed was that everyone had a nickname. Finally I thought a chance to be known by something really cool! but life has a funny way of working and because I chose to see a movie before going to training one night it would seem that I am now forever known as The Time Travelers Wife.

In my defense I thought that it was a sci fi movie because it had "Time Traveler" in it. I also wasn't going to walk out on it because I saw it at the really posh cinemas where you can actually sit down on a very comfy couch.
As for my opinion of the movie? It was pretty weak, if I found myself jumping from time to time in a seemingly random fashion I would have the foresight to scribble down the date and the lottery numbers on the back of my hand and this would be a regular thing. Thus by the time I meet the titular wife I will be a multi multi multi millionaire[3]

[1] Its cheaper than therapy
[2] that needs a good cleaning
[3] presumably I will also be living on an island fortress with an army of minions. Just because.


  1. Here from A to Z. Good luck with it, although anybody who paraphrases both Douglas Adams and Lewis Carroll needs luck like Dirk Gently needs a new fridge...

    P.S. Be very leery of setting up with an army of minions. Minions are notoriously incompetent. I recommend instead a cool sidekick with razor-sharp eyebrows or similarly lethal appendages.

  2. *snicker* The Time Traveler's Wife movie tricked me, too. Stinks you got stuck with that moniker. Now you'll have to be the toughest one in the group. LoL