Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day the Fourth

D is for Domination.

Not the sexy kind, which means that this article just got a lot less interesting, or even the universal kind, which needs a much bigger budget and more minions.  The domination I'm going to write about is purely and simply Global Domination of the the planet earth which is a quite achievable goal for a dedicated mastermind and a well trained team of henchmen [1]

Please note that this blog doesn't contain tips on taking over the world and it will not reveal my secret plans [2] but quite frankly if you are reading blogs to get ideas on how to conquer the world then perhaps global domination might not be your thing.  Now, according to a friend of mine who is completely non imaginary the world is controlled by a secret shadow cabinet and it is they who are responsible for everything in the entire world. Of course we can't do anything about it or the men in black arrive and we soon find ourselves staring into the blinking light of a flashy thing.[3]

Now like many people I've got a theory [4] like many others except where they shout with confidence that the world is being controlled by mysterious group X or look smug because they know that they are in Group Y and it is they who really control the world [4] I keep it to myself and look smug for reasons of my own
No my theory about this whole world controlling organization is elegant in it's simplicity.

  • There are four people in the world.
  • These people are in charge of four departments.
  • Technology, Socialization, Agriculture and Industry. 
  • They do not know that they are in charge of the the world..

I'll just repeat that, they do not know that they are in charge.

Q1 How does it work?
It works on the uncertainty principle [5] as long as they potter along taking care of whatever business comes up everything will be fine but if you introduce an element of doubt into the group they will begin to question their decisions and the decisions of the people around them.
“Were we really in charge? Or was someone in my group receiving different orders from the people above us? What if I'm just a scapegoat? What if all I am is just another brick in the wall?”
Generally around this time their brain melts and some other mysterious group ends up sitting in the big boy chair, "controlling the world"

Q2 But they wield massive amounts of power.
Yes, yes they do and there is no question that if someone gets in their way then that persons life will quickly be made a living heck.  In that aspect they do control quite a lot,  But here's the thing. They don't control the world, all they have is the power, which ultimately derives from the people and the illusion of control over humans.  If they truly controlled the world then there would be no need to skulk around in the shadows would there? The world is bigger than humanity

Who then is in control of the world? It certainly isn't any of the TLA organizations no matter what they think. The simple fact Humanity, is that it is we are the masters of our own fates. To blame the latest scapegoat because group Z are in charge of the world/taking all the jobs, women and/or alcohol is pure laziness on us as a species.
We've got to grow up and stop whining about how everything that goes on is their fault. If we can do this then we'll have made an important collective step forward in our social evolution and be that much closer to a flying car in every garage, or hanger as the case may be.

1:And, as has been pointed out a sidekick but be careful to pick a good one because the bumbling ones will always ruin everything.
1: not that there are any secret plans. Nope not a single plan here secret or otherwise is hidden in the false brick under the fireplace. Damn! Just forget you read that ok? ok.
2: But on the plus side you get to meet Will Smith. So, you know, silver lining.
3: That it's a demon, a dancing demon, no something isn't right there.
4: We're watching you Mickey Mouse Club
5: Something I've stolen from somewhere else but am now claiming as my own. Viva La Piracy!

PS Children of the Revolution is now called Harts Change. Just an FYI

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