Thursday, 25 October 2012

CCT Portfolio - Introduction

The contents and final page of my portfolio.  I don't think that I need to upload the whole of the text for you to get the idea.  As long as you follow the right colour then you'll know exactly what section you are in.
The title of this portfolio is Contradictions and is written in braille.  I did have plans for embossing the printed versions but I somehow lost a day and had to scrap the idea due to time considerations.  The big punchline, as the afterword takes alot of time to say, is that blind people can read the text but are unable to see the art while sighted people can appreciate the art and only goggle in wonderment at the braille.
The main contents page.  3D, Digital and Illustration

3D contents page: Avatar, Panels and Light
Afterword: included at the back of the collection for those who didn't get the joke.


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