Wednesday, 24 October 2012

CCT Portfolio - Illustration

It's over! Finally and totally over! The printer has been sworn at while it sat there in quiet defiance but none of that matters anymore because the portfolios have been handed in and has officially become someone elses problem.

A1 size storyboard enlargement.  This was The Riddler from the first frame of the movie.  Except that it also isn't.  The pegleg was added due to the fact that I couldn't get the foot to look right (really.  the sketchlines of my 5H were as thick as a regular HB)
The pegleg changed everything and I just the art take over, as pretentious as that sounds, and this was result.

Yet another Batman.  This time in pastels and I swear that next time I get involved in something like this I'll do Moon Knight!
(For those not in the know Moon Knight has a white costume.  I'll just hand in blank paper and get A's for everything!)


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