Thursday, 14 June 2012

Portfolio - Digital Section

Note to self: go back and edit links but for now just get everything loaded.

A concept comic that I abandoned long ago.  This would have been the front page of a manual which had been hurriedly photocopied by a machine that was one step away from the scrap heap.  An inky fingerprint left behind after the big robot heist, would have been the first real lead for the detective in charge of the case.

Designed to have the look of a summer book that had been picked up a few times but, due to bad writing and a terrible plot, was never worth finishing.
[note from me:  For some reason the red insisted on bleeding out when this poster was printed but since it added to the effect I didn't try and fix it]

A collection of title images that I’ve created for my blog.They generally stay until I get bitten by the mosquito of redesign, yet again.

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  1. Awesomeness! I was wondering if you had made the graphics for the I know! You have a lot of talent.....*jealous* XD

    The comic-ish ones on, man. They are REALLY good. O_o