Thursday, 14 June 2012

Portfolio - 3D Work

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Project: Kite.

The first group project.  Due to its size it was neither at home in the air or the sea.  It lived out its days hanging from a classroom pillar and catching the unsuspecting with a vengeful fin.

Project Mask:
For a long time the only decoration was the black around the eyes but through an odd mix of kabuki and Brazilian football I was inspired to add more and brighter colours.
This mask is typical of the kind worn in the Great Southern Empire of the novel Harts Blood.  Due to religious obligation every citizen wears a mask and appearing in public without one is the equivalent of wandering down the road without any pants on.

The rough and gaudy decoration tells us that this is worn by the lower class of imperial citizen.  After everything goes pear shaped at the imperial court this will be the society that the heroes are going to be interacting with most of all.
In direct contrast to this, the mask of the Empress is a masterpiece of gold, jewels and the finest silks.

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  1. These are very cool. The kite has a wicked looks kinda like a scary moth (the shadow). Really cool. I'm loving the mask, too! XD