Wednesday, 13 June 2012

At last. The end is here...[begin sad music]


Well the Certificate in Design course has come to an end at long last. 
The final project, that of our portfolio has finally been completed, handed in and, even as you read this (1), is being marked.
Like everyone else on the course it is my fervant hope that someone is rushing my work over to Peter Jackson who will, naturally, take one look at it and exclaim "Why this is amazing!  Someone hire this man at once!  In fact hire the entire class!" (2)

As they say.  Hope springs eternal.

So whats happening with you now?
The marks I've been getting at this level are high and I plan to continue this with Creative Technologies which is the next level.  Since this starts fairly soon I'll have a short break from studying (3)
From what I've been told the biggest difference in the two courses is that the Creative Technologies has alot more theory as well as a larger projects to classroom time ratio. 
We're also going to have to do another portfolio for this one but it's not going to be as big as the first one (4)

What's all this bit then?
I thought, since I haven't been posting much lately, I'd upload the great beast onto Jabberwockery (5)
Being, more or less a review of the art I've done there isn't alot of writing to it except for a line or two below each peace and there is only so much information you can get in before it starts getting crowded and you are forced to hack the three paragraphs about the study of blue to pieces and start all over again. (6) 

Since it's scaled for A3 size I've had to shift things round quite a bit but you can get the general idea of it all.

  1. If you've stumbled upon this post in Roboctober of 2015 then you can take it as read that they've finished marking everything and, like the rest of us, cower in fear of our Robot Overlords.
  2. "Because I'm Peter Jackson and I say so!"
  3. an official one that is. I'm still working on my anatomy (boom boom)
  4. Considering I got this information from one of the tutors I'll take it with a grain of salt. These guys are notorious for saying thing.
  5. Which, if you think about it is another great beast of mine. Perhaps they'll destroy Tokyo as they battle, perhaps not.
  6. Then you decide to leave the study of blue out and move onto the study of red whereupon the whole torture begins once again!



The draft and actual cover of Op Shop Zombie, a band in which I play combat ukulele.  Look for the new album "WITH WORDS AND MUSIC" in stores wherever good music (1)

A water creature.  He may or may not be a friend to humanity but, considering that the inspiration came from the works of Lovecraft, caution is advised

An arrangement of flowers.  Be careful of the middle group as they lack the most basic grasp of etiquette.

The result of a poker machine, a baritone ukulele and a ragin case of military grad insomnia.


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  1. Dude, these are SICK! I love, love the flowers...whimsical and scary at the same time. They're all great.

    You should illustrate the covers of your books!

    Congrats on the completion of the course. XD