Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hey guess what I completly forgot about?

May was New Zealand Music Month!
I've had my nose to the grindstone so much that it almost slipped by without even a mention.  So now that I've mentioned it I've got a little story for all of you out there in Internetopia.

The story:
Once upon a time I left my country to do the big OE.  I had such plans then but eventually I found myself sitting in Delhi Airport for two days before I was permitted inside.  During that time I found my MP3 player which I had thought to be lost or stolen.
I fired it up with excitement and started listening to the songs and as the music filled my head I started playing along with air guitar, air drums, air piano and eventually an air 300 piece orchestra.  When I opened my eyes at the end of Dominion road I discovered that I was the center of attention for a small group of interested Indians.

I explained what I was listening to and for the next 3 hours we passed the headphones and rocked out to the following songs with me explaining some of the English and them smiling and nodding  and then the battery ran down and we all went our separate ways.

The best of my MP3 player:
And just for laughs here's some Billy T James.  This is the one that took the most translating.


  1. Blogger is a tool lately...won't let me stay signed in. So, in an attempt to should know that though I sign in as Anon., this is "TheyCallMeVarmit" (though you can call me April) *grin*


    these are all great! I haven't heard any of them, though I have heard lots of songs by the Mutton Birds. I'm still a total noob to New Zealand artists....thus thanks for posting this!

    (That last one...ahahahahahhhhaaa!)

  2. (Yay, through with wordpress. Pffffft@Blogger!)

  3. Shouldn't you oughta be in love and Slice of Heaven are both taken from the Footrot Flats Movie one that should be watched along with Goodbye Pork pie if you want a funny look at New Zealand back in the day.
    Blogger was reluctant to allow me inside as well, I got round it by clearing the cache and then it let me in with no problem

  4. Thanks..I'll check them both out. :D

    Yeah, that was the first thing I tried, to no avail. But, figured out it'd let me stay signed in if I unchecked the "Stay signed In" box (sigh...weird), and so....Voila! :D