Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Critical Studies Lecture Notes -

DATE: 27/03/2013

·         James Brown
o   Whanganui school of design.
o   In year three we started taking clients for pro bono
o   In fourth year we didn’t want to do it.
·         Tang
o   Interactive project “Beneath”
o   Get people to explore the feeling of being underneath the sea.
o   A mixture of sea life and abstract elements
o   Based on our practise we do a lot of things for clients and this is spec work (?)
o   Programs Micromedia director (not available anymore
o   Interactive wall
o   (supernature.com
o   Good to bring tech to do what you want to the people
o   Knowledge of the natural world is infused in the digital art
o   People have to know what you can do (as student of creative technologys)
o   Joel Gethin Lewis (split off  into open source community)
o   Feedback is a big part of new media
o   Ben Myer (kinetic artwork. Ineteractions)
o   Light piece (through the building) to demonstrate that light has speed and can also carry information.
o   Columns of light installations – looking at movement via light/sound.
o   Screens and cameras disguised as a mirror and set to record and play back at a slower speed that what people move at.  Hence if you move at normal speed then it’s just a mirror but if you jump up and spin around then you are able to see yourself jumping up and spinning around when you land.
o   Design problems and logistics of the installations are encountered and dealt with
o   BATTLES – UVA did the design work for the video – they play their music surrounded by lights that respond to individual instruments
o   ARCTIC MONKEYS – Light Balls
o   Moving from screen based environments to visual (real world) environments
o   Live display rigs – Massive Attack
o   Time Lapse installation in a cathedral.
o   Design, at its best, is about good experience for people.  Not how much they’re going to buy
o   Different disciplines and expertise join together to make a collaboration
o   The Nike  and the Coke interactive experiences are good examples of the need to interact with a surface other than a flat wall or canvas.
§  Lin Yu
§  Billy
§  Joel Gethin Lewis
·         Everything is inspired by nature

o   Buildings in rural areas (nature)
§  Character design
§  Masters Theseis
§  The money is in China
§  Lin Yu turned it into an interactive game
·         Simple concepts make for complex ideas
o   BYOB presentation (Bring your own beamer [projector])
o   Turning the internet into an art gallery more about producing experiences that resonate with people
o   “goodbye farewell” installation
o   “The internet is my stage”
o   Put things into a domain name this says it’s a pfinished piece rather than just another file. – once someone has bought the piece then their name is added to the domain name.
o   Paper turning – the colour is unpredictable
o   Popcornpainting.com – the sound of popcorn was made by popping balloons
o   An audience that fits the artist
o   Throwing bottles at a brick wall
§  A simple concept but people were timid to start with
§  A performance artists, Amanda Palmer, found much the same thing when she stood there and let anyone do anything to her. Ie: people started off as timid and not doing much to mess with her but over the course of time the intensity of the things that was happening to her grew in intensity.
o   Projectors and mirrors propped up against the walls
o   Mirror walls (two mirrors opposite each other)
·         STRATEGIES
o   Deconstructionism
o   Destablizing the meaning of the aesthetic
§  It is the work of artists to say “ You can not be the person to say what art is or not” – my only problem with this phrase is that sooner or later someone will come along and say “I hold the purse strings therefore yes I am”

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