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Art Course - Project 1: Turangawaewae


Turangawaewae means a place to stand - unfortunetly it doesn't just mean where you are physically because that would mean that this project would be full of photos of me standing around (1)

What is it then?
The word itself is made up of two pieces.  Turanga (standing place) and Waewae (feet).

I've watched Sesame Street and know all about compound words.  Care to explain further?

As I say it doesn't just apply to your physical location.  Turangawaewae covers who a person is, where they came from and where they're going.  It gives someone more complete picture of an individuals identity rather than just knowing them by name.

That's pretty deep.
You're telling me.


For this project we had to relate 10 seperate pieces of art to our own Turangawaewae.  Since I'm not normally this introspective it took alot of false starts before I finally nailed down how to present all of me to all of you.

My family are big readers, huge readers, insatiable in fact.  Almost to the point where the library can be considered my second home.  On top of that I like to call myself a writer and one day will call myself an author. (2)

So this is me in a nutshell or, slightly more accuratly, on a bookshelf

I grew up in a little place called Maraetai (Meeting Place by the sea) and loved it.  Looking back it was just a tiny little place but back then it was big enough for me.

It seems to have grown in recent years but I was there before it got famous!
Of course no bookshelf in my life would be complete without a vampire book shoved in there. 
Once upon a time it was Anne Rice but I'll also confess to a secret love of Anita Blake.
Wanganui was where I got my first girlfriend.  Come to think of it there were alot of firsts in that town. (3)
Once I had a dog who decided that the best place for my school books were buried in the garden.  Since the universe has a sense of humor it rained very heavily before I was able to recover the Spanish books.

To this day I blame the dog for my inability to speak fluent Spanish (4)
They kicked me out of med school but not before I learnt how to scribble indecipherable notes and bill people outrageous amounts for the pleasure of seeing me.

I'm counting this one as a win.
Graphic Novels, Comics, Scribbly little doodles.  You drew 'em and I'd buy 'em.
Bit of a story behind this one.
When I was younger I did the whole church thing, Presbetarian, but I stopped going to Sunday School because I realised that I was really only there for the biscuits and drink.

Around that time Mum got into spiritualism in a big way and bought lots of books about all sorts of things. 
It wasn't long before they found their way into my room and I've never actually called myself any sort of expert on the subject (5) but my mind was certainly flooded with all sorts of new ideas about life, the universe and everything (6)

This is my current Work in Progress.
When complete it will be a sweeping epic that stretches across the face of a world at war!

May contain but is not limited to: Logic, Theories, Schemes (Melevolent, Benevolent and Benign) A chorus of children.  War, peace and a thousand elephants!

A pair of business cards for another Work in Progress which seems to have turned into a work in hiatus.
It took an entire page of writing before I figured out  how to approach this  project.

  1. I'd probably go for some mood lighting and maybe even a cat.
  2. I also have this blog thingee.  Don't know if I've ever mentioned it before.
  3. Which is why this book seems to be bound in very plain covers.
  4. The fact that he got extra biscuits that night might have sent mixed messages.
  5. I do remember getting a funny looks from a few people when I asked them about Lillith though.
  6. I might also have been reading Douglas Adams for the first time.

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