Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tattoos and Tables (TNT? thats an explosive!)

I say, I say, I say whats all of these pictures doing here just lying about the place in a rather messy and possibly copyright violating way?

Its for two reasons actually.  The first group of images are part of a small homework (1) and the assignment was to come up with a pair of posters.  One done in Adobe Photoshop and the other done in Adobe Illustrator.
Now that I've completed the first poster I'm having a coffee and taking an official break before I tackle the second (2) I thought that I would post these here because I haven't done a proper update in ages which, I might add, totally destroys the myth of the lazy student; only to replace with evidence of the lazy blogger.  Methinks I should quit while I'm ahead.
For the record (3) Sunmoon was an attempt at a comic I did ages ago.  For these posters I've tried to get the look of a really old photocopier that's one paperjam away from the scrapheap.

The second group of images are there for an entirely different task.  Now that I am a student once again I find that my bank accounts have been filled with that lovely lucre from my last pay.  More specifically my tattoo account has finally being filled.

The outline on my arm has been looking horrible and homedone for far too long and if I can at last cover up my dragon then it will be money well spent.

I've made the apointment for Friday the 13th of April (4) at Tattoo Hades on the recomendation of one of the guards that I used to work with who had a large tribal on his arms and was forever thinking about getting a sleeve done.

I was up late enough for it to be early last night collecting images and this post is the easiest way I can think of to send them over to the artist.

 Table 1: Illustrator Posters (5)

<> Table 2: Tattoo Ideas<>

  1. Which is totally a thing now that I'm back at school.
  2. Don't worry I've got it all planned out
  3. And if it please the members of the jury etcetera.
  4. I shall therefore spend the rest of the day sitting under ladders while breaking mirrors and stroking black cats, or possibly the other way around.
  5. You know it's gonna be a big post when I start using tables.  I'd advise you to run and save yourselves but if you're reading this then it's far, far too late.

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