Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rugby Rugby Rugby!

The Rugby World Cup starts tonight and even if you're not a fan of  the game.  Anywhere you are in the world just from Buckingham Palace to Gilligans island, You must tune in to watch the opening of it for two reasons.

Reason 1:
The Mighty mighty All Blacks take on Tonga.  The Tongans asked for permission to respond to our Haka with one of their own and even though I've been sitting on a dance fighting joke for ages I'm just going to say that it's going to be O for Awesome!

Reason 2:
This one doesn't always happen but it's great when it does.
Directly after the kickoff there is going to be a moment when the opposing teams pretty boy manages to get underneath and catch the ball on the fly.  There is a stunned silence in the commentary box because this is the first time he's done something other than smile at the cameras and make sure his hair is on the right way round.

He'll look down at the ball and then wave to all his fans to thank them for coming to see him play
His fans are screaming at him to get moving down the field.
He'll wave to his mother who travelled so far on her bicycle to get here today
His mother is screaming and pointing at the coach who is shouting at him and generally using language that is most unsuitable for any gentleman.
Finally he looks down the field and the camera zooms in for an extreme close up so that we can all see his moment of realisation at the sight of an unstoppable wall of All Blacks bearing down on him.
He wisely snaps the ball away and the game truly begins

I should also like it noted that we are playing with a distinct handicap this time since we have left Whizzer Wal Footrot out of the team.  It's understandable of course, If we'd left him in then it would be a walkover for us and no fun for anyone else.

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