Saturday, 30 July 2011

In Other News

Man am I ever glad that my working week is over! It's not like it's been a busy time for me since it's the off season at the plant and aside from patrols and locking/unlocking things for the cleaners it is incredibly cruisy.But for some reason this week I've been feeling extra specially drained and psychicly weary [1]  Anyway I've four days to rest and recharge before I have to turn up at work again and I think I'll treat myself to a night out at the really posh cinema and then, if I can stand the excitement, dinner at a good restaurant.
Usually I go to Murphys which is our local “Irish” pub. It's a nice little place with old books all over the walls and I know that they are only supposed to be there fore decoration but I'm halfway through the east wall already.
In other news:
In case you missed it this week is the 30
th  anniversary of the 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand. A tour that was besieged by protests up and down this great nation because of the apartheid rule in South Africa and the wrong and shameful imprisoning of Nelson Mandella. Also their refusal to allow Maoris to play in the All Blacks in their own country didn't help much.

I didn't take part in these protests since I was only 3 years old at the time and anyway, Sesame Street was on and it was a question of priorities.

In other other news:I have managed to get my hands on a copy of “The Half Gallon Jug” a book that was published in 1962 and is still funny. Neither time nor mice have been kind to it so my new project is going to be transcribing to the laptop and then putting the book away to keep it safe.
I'll put the chapters up on the blog as I finish them and when I've done the entire book I'll make it into a single PDF file.

In other other other news:I think that I am going to have to get another muse. Every single time I think that I'm done with Harts Change and can finally get round to serious writing on this bad boy she whispers something new in my ear and it may be something tiny and seemingly inconsequential it isn't long before it grows and I'm tearing apart the chapters to fit in with the latest suggestion [4]

The latest suggestion was typical of this. She mentioned that the church would quite like to get their hands on Loves Regret. An ancient pair of swords which would serve well as holy symbols if they were not in the hands of Evelyn Oneeye who, we shall say, would not serve well
That's a good idea” I told her because you pay a muse in compliments, everyone knows that “a quick attempted robbery scene would be short and sweet”

Think again.

As I write this blog the church have attempted to steal Loves Regret, failed and been rather embarrassed about the whole thing but have moved on and are attempting a coup of the entire kingdom!

If anyone wants a used muse you can have her for a plugged mule


  1. Is that even a real thing?
  2. It's cool, they don't mind.
  3. Just in case the zombies attack but instead of crying “Braaiins” they're calling out “Booooks publiisheed in ninteeensixtyyytwwoo”
  4. And yes it does make it better but that isn't the point. The point is i't's bigger than it was.
  5. Not really, she knows I'm only joking ha ha. (mouths: call me)

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