Friday, 15 July 2011

Aquatic Adventures

Now you may not believe this story, although I would certainly urge you to  [1].  But in the town where I was born there lived a man who sailed to sea. Not that there was anything wrong with this, you need to understand that times were tough back then and you had to take what work you could get. But I remember well the nights that he would sit us down and tell us tales of his life in the land of submarines.
Eventually, filled with a desire to tackle the giant squid and assorted dire beasties from the depths for ourselves we sailed due west, into the sun. We continued until we found the sea of green and from that point on we lived beneath the waves in our own submarine that we had built and painted a cheerful yellow hue [2]

As submarines went it was comfortable enough for us all to live in despite the fact that we had to keep one of us on the radio to explain to the ships and other submarines that we were not Thunderbird 4. [3] and we were never short of friendly company because not only were all our friends aboard but more, many more in fact, lived next door. This was an important social lesson for us and I'm glad that we learned it early. [4]

Now in this whole wide world people everywhere chase around after money and power in the mistaken belief that it will make them happy and then when they've got money and/or power they find that they want more. Quite frankly we've got them all beat because you see on that yellow submarine we lived a life of ease [5] with every one of us having all that we needed. There was a sky of blue and there was a sea of green and then there was us in our yellow submarine.

  1. Because all of my posts are 100% truth and if you believe that I've a bridge in Brooklyn to show you.
  2. The postmen hated us.
  3. Although we did take messages for International Rescue and passed them on as best we could. 
  4. Want to be popular? live in a submarine
  5. Trumpet practice every Tuesday and Thursday. Jam nights are Saturdays in The Engine Room Bar and Grill. Half price if you bring a friend who lives next door.

Another little filler this week, am rushed for time and also in the middle of preparing a much larger serving.  So think of this as an entree.

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  1. Excellent post, as per usual. I about lost it with Note #2. Well played, sir. Cannot wait to see the mains!