Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lets Make Monsters!

 For the last six months I've been working on my animation project where we got free rein to design a beast and rider.  So now that I've finished all the assignments and not only have free time to play in Zbrush but also don't have to worry about things like the polycount or time constrants what is it I decide to play around with?

If you said "More monsters" then go to the head of the class.  I went back to the concepts and picked a completely different head.  This time around I kept things smaller, only doing a bust where before I had to do the entire beast.

It was constructed in Zspheres before being polymeshed and this kept me away from the movement brushes which I tend to rely on far too much.  I experimented with the other brushes but generally stuck to the Clay Buildup which I've found gives more of a natural feel to the model. 

Next on the agenda is working on the texture for the skin and shell and getting a better blend of colours for the overall model.
Colour guide for Phyliss the Pizza delivery monster.  I've no idea who this Boris fellow is or, apparently, how to spell colour.

Another render.  Checking how the pitting looked with the colour scheme.

Concept Heads #1

Concept Heads #2
Concept Heads #3
Concept Heads #4

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