Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Critical Studies Lecture Notes

DATE 03.04.2013

Waka Journeys
  • Aotearoa One – 1990’s experiment based on Tahitian model
  • Hau nui
  • Crab Claw Sail technique
  • Solar powered, No fossil fuels.
  • It is a wet canoe which means that it is necessary to tether yourself to the canoe and wear wetsuit and gumboots while on deck (is deck the right word to use in regards to a cat?)
  • Traditional mehoods are giving way to safety and convienience – the boom is attached to the mast through brass swivels rather than being ropes to the mast or attached in some other way.

  • Hector Busby – Canoe building
  • Research works up to a point.  Then you have to get out and experience the world
  • Ruahine (huahine) the first marae
  • Mytholagy and traditionart and practises are still observed.
  • Tahiti
  • In the middle of Tahit is the chrysalis (actual name?) it is where navigators went to learn their skills.
  • What are the rules, if any, about varvings on wakas? – placement of aspects of each carvings
  • Ceremony and rituals are very important.  Blessings of the work site Karikeas (singing) lifting of Tapus ignore these at your peril.
  • All waka are heavily decorated – this is usual for Maori crafts
  • Hart to learn – traditional methods verses modern materials
  • Research is key (Telstra clear in Manakau) – if youre going to do something that represents a people then you  can’t do too much research)
  • Kupe’s head in 5 ton kauri Block
  • Pou Kapua – Need images/ link – designed for the America cup – the council wanted to build pi9llars of Herculese (essentially dollar signs)  - “Wait a minute, Hercules never came down this far south”


  • Regarding the satue - He didn’t have moko when he left Bora Bora – this led to discussion/arguments with people who said that he should have one.
  • World tribe canoe – a vessel that takes scientists to other countries and discusses what needs to happy/change

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