Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A - Z Challenge E - H

Righty dokey then then. for me this challenge has turned into more of a weekly thing so I'll have to make up for it by posting more stuff.  That being said here's some more stuff.

POST 1: A - D
POST 2: E - H
POST 3: L - Z

Or Rhbarb.  I did have a proper cover in mind for the Extremes but liked the very sketchy, unfinished look of the page.  I also blame basic spelling mistakes on the fact that any band which gives itself a name like this is going to be plagued with cases of people losing interest halfway throu....

Don't be fooled by thinking that they just do wedding marches.  This four piece band specialize in original music for very sad weddings of the kind that nobody WANTS to have but, for various reasons that everyone is far too tactful to inquire about [1] MUST take place.

There is a message on their website that says they're branching out into birthdays but have yet to have any offers.
Speaking as an artist:
The image of the bride was fetched from Morguefile which is a great place for stock images.  After I cut her out I played around with the sepia tones until I was able to colour the picture again [2]

Specialty bands are nothing new but this one takes some topping.  They cater for cryptography enthusiasts and to the untrained ear their music all sounds like white noise.  But not if you play it backwards and forwards at the same time while also standing on tinfoil.
It takes a fair bit of doing but the fans insist that the music is worth it. [3]

The music of Head Pocket or, 私は完全にこのアップを作った, to give them their proper name speaks for itself and this, their first international album is amazing quality.

Buy this album and I promise you that you'll never look at seventeen three year olds playing guitar the same way again! 

Speaking as an artist:
The head of this little guy is taken from the sketches of my modelling assignment.   which is to construct a model in Maya.  Since I don't know the program very well this has resulted in epic levels of shouting, ranting  and pleading with the infernal machine to just do this one simple thing[4]


  1. The kind of reasons that are exchanged via a series of knowing looks over the top of the teacups if you get my drift.
  2. Even managing to stay inside the lines!  Clearly my art education hasn't been wasted at all
  3. But since they've just spent the last three hours decoding the hidden messages in the latest album, of which there are lots, can you really trust them?
  4. Seriously.  If frustrated swearing at inanimate objects were an Olympic event I'd be bringing home the gold for New Zealand every time.

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