Thursday, 5 April 2012

A - Z Challenge: F is for Frankenstein and also for Flint, Eric

is for

        PART 1:
        WHAT IS IT?

Frankenstein  or The Modern Prometheis is a book written by Mary Shelly. It was first published in 1818 and the fact that it remains firmly embedded in our collective conciousness should tell you something about the quality of the work.

Now, There is always a danger, when this topic is brought up, of some clever trousers saying 
“Actually. Frankenstein was the scientist, not the monster” 
the smug cough that follows isn't compulsory but if he gives one then please feel free to give him a smack for me.
The best comeback for Dr Von Clever is as follows:

"Actually Frankensteins monster was ultimately a noble creature.  Admittedly he murdered and terrorized the region but this was all in reaction to humanities own actions towards him.  You might draw the conclusion that the monster was the perfect Dr Jekyll to Victors Mr Hyde" 
[smug pause] 
"and I'm sure you can see that that the creation of the monster was a mistake which ultimately cost Victor Von Frankenstein his life, his fiancĂ©es life and also whatever good name his family may have once held." [1]


Any Graveyard will supply you with the raw materials. Hardware stores will give you the necessary equipment and the Internet will quickly hook you up with all manner of Tesla Coils [2]
An Igor is optional but shows you strive for authenticity.


After having created your monster and done the “It's Alive! It's Alive!” routine which, lets be honest, is really the whole reason that you started down this course you'll find that you've got a person with tremendous strength but an almost completely blank slate.

You might train him up and send him out into the world, living vicariously through his work stories.  Possibly he could be sent down to the shops with a grocery list.  Of course now that you've perfected the art of creation you might slap a few more together with the objective of renting them out to interested parties [3]


  • Make sure that you are legally allowed to use Shellys creations in your work. Even though her work has long been in the public domain it is possible that there is still an estate or similar just waiting to unleash the children of the night. [4]
  • The Frankenstein book ties very neatly into the Nazi occultism of the Thule Society and the whole concept of the Aryan Ubermensch.  Admittedly the Nazi occult angle has been done many times in the past but go right ahead [5]
  • Perhaps it escapes whatever plans your mad scientist has for it and tries to make his way in the world.
  • What if he embraced evil and ruled the underworld as a crime boss
  • Perhaps his creator never recoiled in fear when the monster took his first faltering steps.
  • It maybe that he could be on the run from divine forces who are tasked with his destruction


         PART II:

is also for


I'll pause to point out that this is the first of these reviews that isn't for an author who writes long series! [6]
Eric Flint writes in the science fiction genre and a particular trait of his work is that the officers are generally loudmouthed idiots and the bureaucracy levels have been turned up to 11.

My favourite book, and also the one that best illustrates this, is Rats, Bats and Vats which follows a small band of soldiers who have been trapped behind enemy lines.  Of course the soldiers are genetically enhanced rats and bats working under the command of a single human who is distinctly lower class.

Into this mix is thrust a daughter of one of the most powerful shareholders who has been kidnapped by her tutor. [7]

I recommend his works to anyone who enjoys a well written piece of work that can be finished quickly.


  1. Don't worry about him making any kind of comeback to all this. It's practically a given that he's never read the book or even seen Borris Karlof as the monster. This is all coming from a late night viewing of a documentary entitled Hollywoods Greatest Monsters or something similar.
  2. Because if you don't have Tesla Coils and strange Steampunk devices strewn about the place then what's the point?
  3. It's called mad science for a reason.
  4. Lawyers rather than vampires. They tend to go for the wallet rather than the jugular and if you get bitten by one you usually don't become one, usually.
  5. beating up Nazi's never gets old.
  6. This has no bearing on anything but I thought I should mention it  in passing.
  7. The pair hate each other on sight and we all know what that means.

The fizzgiggious Fish,

who always walked about upon Stilts,

because he had no legs.


  1. Hi I like the little rant on monster creation, and the fish on stilts is pretty rocking too. I'm over from A to Z.

  2. Please excuse the mess. The monster still refuses to clean up.

  3. LOL, the image of that fish cracks me up. I do like ol' Frankie but Dracula is still my fav (though of course it wouldn't work for a F post, now would it). I'm not familiar with Eric Flint, but it's probably time I get acquainted. Nice post.

  4. LOVE Frankie's monster! Shelly was a right weird one, she was even rumored to have conducted cadaver experiments herself while writing the book. (I say "rumored", because there is no definitive proof....which means it's probably a load of excrement....but I'd like to imagine it was true).

    Those illustrations you put at the bottoms of the entries...LOL, they crack me up!

  5. Cadaver experiments? I hearby declare this to be true based solely on the amount of coolness.