Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Insecure Writers Support Group Post Day

Sometimes, sometimes you just don't feel like writing at all.  You've got no ideas and even if you do their either rubbish or totally stolen from somewhere else. [1]  
It's the season I suppose.  Work is piling up, everyone seems to either be on your back or in your face for no reason at all.  You can't escape it because no matter where you turn it's all mountains.

Eventually they all just run together into one big blob of negative and the only thing that you can do is to make soothing go away type noises in the vain hope that it will do any good.
Then they turn around and expect you to write something worth reading? [2]

But you start scribbling anyway and you aren't paying attention to what your doing, it's all just random.  Eventually you look it over and, sure it's rambling, angry, incoherrant and illegable but there's some good stuff in the mess as well.

What's my point?  It isn't enough to tell the reader that your main character is angry or sad or in love or whatever you've got to show them through their actions and their interactions with others.

Someone who's angry isn't going to listen to anyone else.  They'll rant to anyone within listening distance and if there is nobody in listening distance then they shout towards the heavens [3] or perhaps they won't, it might be that they are the type of person to keep things on a slow burn, staying silent and just turning it all over in their mind.  If they speak at all it will just be a repeating of a single word or phrase over and over. [4]

Think about the posture of a person as well.  No eye contact, not speaking, moving away when someone gets close are clear signs that they don't want to talk.

It won't always go the way you plan it.  I know the cast of Harts Change are becoming notorious for choosing option C when I could only see options A and B.

There was supposed to be more to this but I lost half my notes and work is killing me.
Also I'm listening to a really big fight that has flared up between the guy and his girlfriend who live in the house.
This is an epic level meltdown and by that I mean that they were a block away and we could clearly hear them in the kitchen [5].  Everyone went back to their rooms just now.  This is one of those fights that will stop for neither man nor beast.

Ok, she's just slammed the door in his face and he's gone around to shout at the window.  Hasn't tried to break anything yet.

He's walked round the house twice and now he's back inside inside and banging on the door.  Still shouting although it's pretty incoherent at the moment.  I'll let you know if anything comes of this [6]

10 minutes later:  There were some more door slams.  I think he did it twice for extra effect, now she's crying in the kitchen with his mum.  I don't know what the story is and I don't know them well enough to pry.  All I'm going to be doing is observing the actions of these two until they patch things up. [7]

  1. Very much like this post.  It's taken me days to get even this much down on paper
  2. Although who exactly "they" are I'm sure I don't know
  3. At which point the boss is looking down saying "Oh me!  Not this guy again"
  4. It doesn't have to make sense except to them.
  5. While part of me is hoping that they sort it out another part of me is doing the whole Jerry Springer experience
  6. if anything comes of this....incredibly convenient fight that you have no way of verifying for those of us playing along at home.
  7. which, of course, I hope that they do.  Greek tragedy is very much overrated.


  1. Interesting twist to what you thought would be a normal blogging night, huh? ...I hope they work it out too.

  2. I still don't know what it was all about but everyone seems to have calmed down, for now. Still feels like it might flare up again but if it does it will most likely be when they are stoned (generally oil spotting and a bit of weed)

    The double slamming I heard was him banging on the door. It isn't broken all the way through yet but if there is another fight like this one then I predict that we'll have a heap of kindling to get rid of.

    For now they've covered the door with a towel so that the landlord doesn't see.

  3. Ah, young love. (<_<)

    Do you ever have a normal night there?! LoL

  4. The Landlords turned up today with another "new" washing machine. As expected nobody knows anything about no door copper.