Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A - Z Challenge L - Z


So here it is.  The final posting for the challenge.  I couldn't get all the letters done so we're just going to pretend that those bands all got visited by some form of Yoko Ono.

POST 1: A - D
POST 2: E - H
POST 3: L - Z

They said it wouldn't work.  They said that a 75 piece band couldn't do gangsta rap.

They were right.  But with the addition of the patent pending Sarcastaphones each band member looked at each other and felt that, at last, they were ready to take to the streets.  It was about then that the straitjackets were tightened just that little bit more.

Fact 1: People name children after characters in books all the time
Fact 2: Many people have read Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles [1]
Fact 3: Wednesday is an actual name.  As is April, May and June.

Where does all this lead us? - Well clearly the Monthly family, having grown up on Anne Rice, Stoker and all manner of Hammer Horrors [2]. Have had a child and named her Vampire.
However, that been said...

Speaking as an artist:
Ever have one of those moments?  The other meaning of Monthly Vampire escaped me until five seconds after I sat down to work on it.
Anyway, a block style done a little bit like Piet Mondrian [3]
We all know that the Zombie Apocalypse is coming/near/here/already over and we won/lost.  But the big question as yet unasked is Do Zombies have rhythm?
Well all Thriller references aside the answer is clearly yes.
The bands groupies are known as Zomblees and the mosh pit is always an exciting place for anyone inside one of the many zombie proof cages
 Q is for QDue to a strange mixture of extreme cold and extreme alcohol this mysterious singing was frozen back in 1934.  Thawed out in modern times she travels the world singing, finding adventure and fighting Nazis!

R is for Reset Anytime
Theres a good reason you haven't heard of this group.  You see, every band needs a gimmick and every crowd loves pyrotechnics.  The boys at Reset Anytime combined the two and added audience participation.  At each concert, under a
random seat is a button and the band have signed an ironclad guarentee to continue until the button is pressed thus causing the speakers to explode in an unbeatable finale.  It's been three years now and the band are still playing their first concert.

Speaking as an artist:
These two were done in Bryce with a simple glass which started out as a transparent button.  The fire isn't inside the glass it's a cube on the outside with a radial light in the middle of it all.  The purple thing is the same setup with a different texture and has somehow come out as a kind of cosmic egg.[4]


I thought that a bomb or similar warhead would be appropriate but then I realized that a bomb can only kill you once but a suit and tie will kill the average rocker a little more each day.[5]

W is for WITH WORDS AND MUSICThis is why you don't give the drummer the naming rights to the band. Only two people have ever seen the movie that he's referenced and it's going to need to be explained in EVERY DAMNED INTERVIEW EVER.

Speaking as an artist:
Bryce again.  Alot of it was me playing around with boolean objects.  The dips on the top are just cones set to negative while the cubes are postive  I'll spare you the other ones I did since they're more or less variations on the same theme.

Z is for ZIN ZEN ZO
An indie band with a couple of albums that do well for a while but then they make the mistake of being a little too obvious about making money which instantly applies them with the label of sellouts.

Speaking as an artist: with the exception of the grey one all of these were done in Bryce.  The grey one started out as an experiment in Blender and managed to survive the sheer amount of abuse and swearing that I had to do in order to make the program do what I wanted it to do
That's it!  It's finished!  Except for, you know, all those letters I missed and also the fact that I went through the entire month without actually posting anything on the right days.
But overlooking those minor and technical details it's another A-Z Challenge that we can transfer over to the completed folder.

On the whole I enjoyed making all of these.  It's something of a relief to be able to do some kind of art for yourself when you're bogged down in what is commonly known as real life.
Now, if this isn't the longest posting that I've ever done then it's certainly the most image heavy and for the record my personal favourites are as follows:

Barely Aphrodisia

Head Pocket [6]

Zin Zen Zo [7]
  1. If you haven't then you should.  It doesn't end with Interview with a vampire you know.
  2. But not Twilight.  Because that's a different kind of horror.
  3. How about that?  An abstract artist that I actually like.  Take that Jackson Polluck!
  4. Possibly this is due to the light bending the glass which is inside it.  I just don't know.
  5. Except for this guy that is. 
  6. and if I'd remembered to bring my book today I could have scanned in the better version.
  7. Who is apparently this guy which means that at least one person is actually going to find this thing useful!  Result!

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