Sunday, 6 May 2012

A - Z Challenge: Z is for Zephyr and "Zo. you zink you haf reason for beink so very late?"





In Greek mytholagy Zephyrus or Zephyr was the name of the god of the west wind.  He was the gentlist of the four brothers and was the messenger of Spring.


We'll need to return to Greece and, after once again overdosing on baklava and cunningly outwitting those farmers who are still angry about their best farmcats being stolen right at the beginning of this mad voyage, make our way to a cave in Trace [1]


  • You'll certainly never be wanting a cool breeze on a hot day again.
  • Have him answer the door when those annoying people "just stop by" to talk about (insert religion here) [2]
  • Start your own orchestra.  you'll save considerably on the wind section since he'll be able to play them all at once.
  • Perhaps your character goes down a Greek cave and actually finds the god himself. [3]
  • Perhaps the ancient gods are real but have all being enslaved to power our modern world.  One day Zephyr escapes or manages to get word to an otherwise unsuspecting young lad whom nobody would mistake for a hero
  • The obvious choice is that Zephyr is the one giving out the orders and the main character must go on an epic quest in the name of his god.
  • It could be that old story of boy meets girl who then turns out to be the daughter of the wind [4]


is also for
Zo.  you zink you haf reason for beink so very late?"

Some of you may have noticed that the posting of this last item is several [5] days past the last day of April.  The reason for this is that it has been very much heads down bums up at the art course.  

Now that the second part of the semester has started up the big projects are happening in the traditional manner, which is to say.  All at once:
  1. The Rube Goldberg Machine is still going ahead with a great deal of "academic differences" being aired [6] 
  2. The Portfolio assignment: is still very much in the planning stages.  I've managed to keep it vague enough to grant myself some wriggle room although I imagine that this will come back to bite me further down the line.
  3. Painting and drawing: I tend to sketch it all out in class but it is invariably done in the magical hours between midnight and two in the morning.
  4. Training:  Still training with The Falcons. Hitting people with heavy lumps of metal is always satisfying.  If anyone tells you different they're lying.
  5. Harts Change:  Slowly but surely the story is still being written.  In a fit of overoptimistic creativity I outlined the plot to the second and third books [7]

  1. I can't actually tell you which cave to visit so you'll need to be prepared to spend quite a bit of time there.
  2. You know the kind.  the ones that clearly have the super power of interrupting just as you've sat down to dinner or are in the middle of a project.  [True story:  I was operating a wood lathe once and the guy walked into my garage and tapped me on the shoulder.  His opening line was "I know another carpenter"
    He didn't win any conversion points at my house]
  3. Maybe they think "Wow.  isn't it lucky' that I read about this on my favourite blog just the other day.  I know exactly how to handle this situation"
  4. Check out the Fables comics for an example of this done perfectly (Bigby Wolf and Snow White)
  5. Note: not Zeveral.  I think I've milked that joke quite enough.
  6. The type where you grab the chalk out of someone's hand and redraw their section of the track before they furiously do the same to you.
  7. I also forced a friend to sit there with a bemused expression on his face while I breathlessly explained the finer details of the plot points to him.  Considering he's one third of the group that dreamed this whole thing up in the first place I think we can all agree that he's got nobody to blame but himself.

The Zigzag Zealous Zebra,
who carried five Monkeys on his back all
the way to Jellibolee.


  1. Congratulations on finishing (albeit a little late). I also liked the refresher on greek mythology.

  2. I was so looking forward to these posts everyday,, she does funny things sometimes and I couldn't find the time to visit. *pout* prepared! I'm about to visit all of them at once. *yay*

    Greek mythology is the shizz (people still say that, right?? Right!??!?!!?! lol) I used to crave it like the lungs crave oxygen.

    Congrats on surviving the A to Z Challenge again! And by being one of the most interesting and awesom-rific blogs to read.

  3. Soon as I have some spare time I'll grab the outcome of the voting and do something clever with it.